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Top 7 Best Technology Tools Every Educator Should Use - Digital Learning

Posted by Ravindhar Madasu
The twenty-first century is a magnificent period to be alive. Various technologies captured almost every aspect of our lives. Sadly, many schools avoid using technology tools in the educational process. Clumsy old video and audio systems are usually the best devices schools have to offer. Lessons they have been used for are dull. Most students have endless access to the latest resources. They compare and understand that something is not right. Successful education is supposed to be innovative and interesting. Use of technology in teaching and learning has positive influences on productivity and overall involvement in the process. If you want to be progressive and enlightening, make a habit of teaching with technology. We have created a short list of useful tools. Get inspired and get to work.

Google For Education :

This is a new project by a worldwide known giant. Google offers its best known free web applications lik Gmail,Hangouts,Calendar,Drive,Docs,Sheets,Slides,Groups,Play,News and Sites.

Each and every of the listed above apps can be used in your classroom. Google Slides is used for presentation purposes, Google Docs is a word processor, and Google Sheets is a spreadsheet. You can use them easily during lessons. Google Play is highly effective digital distribution service. You can find numerous books and educational apps appropriate for different lessons. Being such a great player on the technology market, Google steadily invests in education. Whether by scholarships and grants or by technologies created to educate.

2.Wikispaces Classroom or Campus.

Depending on who you teach, Wikispaces provides you with a great environment for organizing, collaborative writing, social discussions, and progress monitoring. Students have access to information and teacher in a form of social media. Wikispaces Classroom is intended for school teaching and it is free, and Wikispaces Campus created for higher education has a 30-day free trial period. Teaching can be difficult but technologies can help. You can even buy essays written by writers to help you with your workflow.

TED-Ed is one of the most amazing educational platforms today. Their slogan is “Lessons Worth Sharing.” The lessons are created around famous TED Talks. There are more than 200,000 lessons which inspire and educate. They also answer numerous questions the most curious minds can come up with. You can build your lessons with the help of video lessons on TED-Ed. You can also create a new lesson for TED-Ed or make students do one as a project. TED-Ed is widely known around the world. Its tremendous reputation, as well as great materials, can make a change during your lesson.


Planboard is a great application created to make your planning process easier. As an educator, you need to manage your time wisely. This tool helps you to do just that. You can have it on any device and plan your lessons on the go. This secures your mobility. It also allows you to add attachments and various visual aids (photos, videos). The templates 8Planb3oard provides are efficient and easy to use. Markboard, from the same vendor, is quite effective too. Its main goal is a progress control. You can give, grade, discuss assessments and provide feedbacks on them. You can generate reports on class or separate students via this tool.


Quizlet combines various online learning tools for students. Students can find games, flashcards, and audio materials on various subjects. They can even find educational sets on topics of their interest. They can even create sets themselves in order to help their fellow students. As a teacher, you can use classroom online games to help your students understand a topic better. This would also help develop their soft and hard skills.


It is one of the best known in the world platform of online courses. The variety of courses is unbelievable. You can learn anything. This is also a set of online educational technology tools. Every teacher can monitor the progress of his or hers student from kinder garden to higher education. KHANACEDEMY offers over 100,000 interactive exercises and numerous resources personalised for each and every student.


OpenStudy has one of the many great tools for students. This friendly community focuses on making learning fun. The idea is similar to a study group where students help each other with learning. The great thing about this tool is that it is web-based. You can find a friend to help in the furthest or the closest part of the world.  
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Top 5 best videogames to play with your groupmates

Posted by Ravindhar Madasu
Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Have you already made friends with your group mates, or you're a freshman and don't know anyone well enough? In any case, it will be great for you to play video games with your group mates together. If you are an extrovert, you will add one more kind of interaction to your relationship with friends, a really captivating one! Else wise, you can become a part of the company without the awkward moment of choosing the topic, starting a conversation and deciding how to spend time together and how to get to know each other better. You bet, you'll go through wonderful adventures together! You can play anytime, anywhere: on the smartphone, on PC, Mac or console – no limits today. If you are a conceptual single-player, or just want to spend some time in private - discover great indie games for lonely wolves! And if you are looking for games to play with friends — here are some ideas!

So, ask your mates what are their favourite fun group games and, for sure, they will name one of the five listed below! The battles and contests, the growth and glory are waiting! And don't let the homework spoil your time with group mates! You can make progress both in the real world of study and game dimension with college essay writing help


Surely, you're already playing it. Surely, you have seen tons of fun art, and maybe even created your own. Together with your group mates you will become brightest characters. Once they found a way to the peaceful future on the mad planet, nearly destroyed by the war. Now the new danger is coming, so the heroes are here to help – merry and cruel, beautiful and funny, people and robots.

Team Fortress 2

On August, 24 this year Team Fortress celebrated its 20th birthday. The players still remember great specials like birthday cakes or funny screams of rejoice. Brilliant cartoon-like design and caricature characters make the Team Fortress 2 really deserving the awards for best online multiplayer games. And it did won some awards. The intriguing feature is the chance for new players to obtain weapons and abilities on a random basis. To get it for sure, do special tasks and unlock corresponding achievements. And don’t forget the interesting profound plot.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is one of best free multiplayer games, available for Android. You can enjoy this arcade game everywhere, with fastest cars, familiar and new ones, just choose what to drive - Ferrari (up to FXX), Lamborgini or Pagani Zonda. This is the opportunity to meet the rivals from your group and from all over the world online. The tracks in various corners of the planet, with exotic landscapes from Venice to Nevada, make you see colourful dreams and feel like you've been there indeed!


Maybe, you are playing in the University football team or just dreaming of it. You can create your own team with FIFA football simulator, enjoying true-to-life atmosphere. It is fun not only to play but also to watch, and this is a really cool idea as a kind of party games with your group mates. You just have to find out, who has a console, free flat and the biggest screen. And then organise a party with a tournament for football fans and their friends.

Dota 2

This is no more just one of the multiplayer games. It is a lifestyle. We've got millions of players and world tournaments in Dota. Careful! You might just fall in love with it and get addicted! Become one of five members of two rival teams and win a victory in the battle. The main task is to destroy enemy's base. The variety of the heroes for free allows everyone to pick up what is best for him or her. By the way, the teamwork is exceptionally important here, so team up with only the best friends among your group mates.

Hope you have liked the best 5 video games.If we have missed any best game or if you know any better game then please comment the game below.
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Download Subway Surfers Free ( Unlimited Coins,keys & Unlocked Characters )

Posted by Ravindhar Madasu 97 Comments
Subway Surfers is one of the most played android game .Download Subway Surfers game with unlimited coins,keys and unlocked characters ( cracked / mod version)  for free.Updated with Latest Subway Surfers Transylvania (Romania) v 1.62.0, Iceland ,Venice (Malaysia) v 1.58.0, Las Vegas, San Francisco subway surfers  version .To download this cracked app you must un-install the previous version of subway surfers installed on your android device. Download the app from the provided download link and install the downloaded file (.apk file Manually )

Subway Surfers -Unlimited Coins and Keys Download
If you are not aware of installing .apk file manually then

Download Subway Surfers:

Download Subway Surfers (Normal Version) :

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers normal version can be downloaded directly from play store and installed.If you are not interested with the cracked version.The normal version has its own advantages as subways surfers is changing various locations like Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo,Miami Paris.... almost every month it gets updated.

Download link: From Play Store

Download Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Keys (Cracked ) :

Subway Surfers -Unlimited Coins and Keys

 In this version, you find unlimited Keys and unlimited keys make highest scores and challenge your friends.This is a free version.
Subway Surfers -Unlimited Coins and Keys
Note : If you Install this cracked version you will no longer receive official updates from subway surfers.That is you will end up with only one location that you installed

Subway Surfers Transylvania Unlimited Coins and Keys : 

You can download the latest Subway Surfers world tour Transylvania version 1.60.0 from the below-given link and enjoy playing the game.
Download Link : Link


Subway Surfers Arabia Unlimited Coins and Keys : 

Arabia Version Link

Subway Paris Download : 

Paris Version Link 

Subway Surfers Mumbai ( India ) From Below :

Mumbai Version   Download

Download Subway Surfers Hawaii :

Miami Version :

Download Link : Subway Surfers Miami 

Download Subway Surfers LAS VEGAS :

Download Link : Subway Surfers Las Vegas

Subwaysurfers LONDON  :

Download Link : Subway Surfers London 

 Subway Surfers Bangkok Unlimited Coins and Keys :

Download Link : Subway Surfers Bangkok   

Subway Surfers Latest Cairo Unlimited Coins And Keys  : 

Download Link :  Cairo ( Egypt) Version      Link 

Subway Surfers Latest New Orleans :

Download Link :  New Orleans ( LouisianaVersion       Link

Subway Surfers Beijing ( China ) Unlimited Coins Download : 


Subway Surfers Sao Paulo ( Brazil)  :

Download Sao Paulo ( Brazil )    Click here to Download

Subway Surfers Tokyo Unlimited Coins and Keys :

Download Tokyo ( Japan )    Click here to Download

Download Vancouver unlimited Coins :

Subway Surfers Vancouver ( Canada )        Download Link

Subway Surfers Rome Unlimited Coins and Keys :

Download Link : Rome Version     Download Link

Subway Surfers New York :

Download Link :  New York Version      Download Link

 Seoul ( South Korea ) Unlimited Coins :

Download Link :  Seoul  Version      Download Link 1

Subway Surfers Beijing: 

Download Link : Beijing Version   Link 1

Tokyo :

Download Link : Tokyo Version   Link 

 Moscow :

Download Link : Moscow Version      Link 

Hope you liked the post. Share it with your friends on Social Media.

If you have any issues in installing apps like  or any new updates comment below.We are here to help you....
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New Subway Surfers Transylvania World Tour Unlimited coins and Keys Download

Posted by Ravindhar Madasu 5 Comments
Subway surfers very popular game to Android and IOS users. This is the most played game by Android Windows, IOS users.Subway Surfers World tour means it changes the game for every 1 - 2 months. last month it was in Paris and now it is now updated to TRANSYLVANIA.Travel to magical Transylvania with the Subway Surfers World Tour.Take Amira, the beautiful dancer, for a spin in the mystical Middle East. You can download here Subway Surfers Transylvania Unlimited coins and keys Version Free.

If you want unlimited coins in Subway Surfers Transylvania Edition download the .apk file from the below given link. Install it on your Android phone and play with unlimited coins and keys. You get unlimited keys for Arabia and can use the keys a number of times.Make High Scores and Share with your friends on Facebook.

What is Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins Version : 

Subway Surfers Arabia Unlimited Coins

This is a Hacked / Mod / Cracked version what ever you may call, But it is modified in such a way that the game has unlimited coins and keys. This can be downloaded from the below link directly and install on your Android devices.

Download Subway Surfers Transylvania Unlimited Coins and Keys :

You can download the unlimited coins  version of  subway surfers Transylvania (1.60.0) and keys from below


How to Install Unlimited Coins version on your Smart Phone :

Subway Surfers Cracked Version Rome
  • Firstly, Un-install  the previously installed Subway Surfers.
  • Download Rome unlimited money version from above link.
  • After Downloading the file transfer the file from computer to your smart phone.
  • Now allow apps to install apps from all unknown sources. 
  • That's it Now you can Play the game with Unlimited Keys And Coins!
  • Make high scores and share it with your friends.
For Other City Hacks get from here : Subway Surfers All Hacks
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Download World Of Tank Blitz For PC/Laptop Windows XP 7 8 8.1 10 And Mac

Posted by Vamshidhar Madasu
World Of Tank Blitz: Have you seen the military Tanks in the wars which are the shooting Tankers used to attack enemies in the world wars. Now based on this world war tankers we are introducing the game called World Of Tank Blitz which is the shooter game in world war 2 and you are the operator of this World Of Tank Blitz and it is free to play mobile MMO action game developed by War gaming, the award winning online game developer and publisher of World Of Tank Blitz the smash PC hit now with over 110 million players worldwide. You can also play this World Of Tank Blitz with your friends as multiplayer game or make new ones to take on action packed 7vs7 PvP tank battles no matter where you are. You can also download this World Of Tank Blitz game for PC and Mac for free.
 World Of Tank Blitz For PC

Free Download World Of Tank Blitz For PC:

World Of Tank Blitz is the tankers shooting game in the world war2 and you can enjoy the shooting game by attacking the enemies and you are provided with a impressive roaster of over 200 massive tanks, stunning graphics and intuitive touch screen controls. This game World Of Tank Blitz is downloaded for free and there is no limit of time, energy bars and fuel. Whenever you needed you can play the game anytime from anyplace. You will be getting the notification of upgrades and also provided with different missions and levels where you can perform the different adventures with the game World Of Tank Blitz and to enjoy this here we are going provide the guide about How To Download World Of Tank Blitz For PC/Laptop Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 And Mac before downloading the game World Of Tank Blitz we going tell about some of the features of World Of Tank Blitz.

Features Of World Of Tank Blitz:

People who played the game in mobile phones they know about World Of Tank Blitz game. But don't worry people doesn't have android phones you can play this World Of Tank Blitz game on PC and Mac and we are going to tell about the features of World Of Tank Blitz game which are as follows:
 World Of Tank Blitz For PC
  • Battle missions that open up new, personalized challenges and let players earn bonuses and achievements.
  • Clan functionality allowing players to unite in their pursuit of victory and invite their friends to play online.
  • Over 200 iconic WW2 vehicles from nations across the world.
  • In this you have the 18 unique battle arenas.
  • It has the Strategic 7v7 online multiplayer.
  • Free to win equal access to in game elements for everyone.
  • Deep progression system: 10 tiers of tanks to unlock and explore.
  • Constant updates and graphical enhancement, optimization for various devices.
  • Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls.
  • In this game you have chat and clean functionality.

How To Download World Of Tank Blitz For Windows:

Thinking to download World Of Tank Blitz Game for Pc then you need an android emulator software called Bluestacks which the only software you can download any android games for PC. Below is the process to download World Of Tank Blitz using bluestacks for PC which are as follows:
 World Of Tank Blitz For PC
  1. First step is to download Bluestacks for PC. Click here to download.
  2. After downloading the software, search for the World Of Tank Blitz game for Pc.
  3. Next as finding the World Of Tank Blitz game click install button.
  4. Then wait for some time to complete the installation process on Pc.
  5. As soon as the installation process completes an icon appears in apps menu.
  6. Finally open the icon and start using the World Of Tank Blitz game on PC.

How To Download World Of Tank Blitz For Mac IOS:

As same as the above discussed World Of Tank Blitz Game downloaded for PC using Bluestacks. Here we are going to use Andyroid for Mac. Andyroid is a software which is used to download any android games or apps for Mac.
 World Of Tank Blitz For PC
  1. Download Andyroid emulator for Mac. Click here to download.
  2. After downloading the software, search for the game World Of Tank Blitz for Mac.
  3. Next as finding the World Of Tank Blitz game click install button.
  4. Then wait for some time to complete the installation process on Mac.
  5. As soon as the installation process completes an icon appears in apps menu.
  6. Finally open the icon and start using the World Of Tank Blitz game on Mac.
The above is the clear guide about How Download World Of Tank Blitz For PC/Laptop Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 And Mac. World Of Tank Blitz which is the best shooter game in world wars to fight against enemies. Thanks for reading the post, hope you like it. You can also share with your friends through social circle.
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Subway Surfers for PC Free Download - Windows 7 / 8 / XP 8.1 10

Posted by Ravindhar Madasu 107 Comments
Subway Surfers, one of the most played game on Android Phones can now be played on PC as well. Download  Subway Surfers Game for free, Install it on your windows PC and enjoy the game.It can be Installed on Windows 7 /8 /xp 10 or vista. No need of extra softwares required (like Bluestacks ).The only thing is that you cannot get the updates of subway surfers game that is you can play only in one location and that is fixed. Use mouse for directions.
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Download Subwaysurfers On Windows PC
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Subway Surfers can be played on PC by two ways:

  1. Using Blue stacks
  2. Downloading .exe file directly.
If you are interested only in subway surfers game then go for downloading .exe file. If you want to use other android applications like Whatsapp, BBM ,Wechat,Fruit Ninja then best option is Bluestacks.
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