Facebook Ghost Profile - Facebook Pranks

Facebook Ghost Profile - Facebook Pranks

Posted by Ravindhar
Facebook is the largest used social networking site.If  facebook is a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world. It connects people from different places.Most of us are even addicted to facebook. Last time we have published articles about how to download Facebook Videos,    Check pending friend requests sent by you.

Facebook Ghost Profile- Facebook Pranks
Most of us try to scare our friends. So here is the facebook prank to frighten your friends.

Send Facebook Ghost Profile to friend:

This is an old trick. But most of us even don't know.
Note Please don't try this on Kids and Heart patients
  • Tell him something interesting about the page so that he stays on it for about 1 minute or so.
  • Suddenly a wild ghost appears on the screen with a scary sound.
Facebook Ghost Profile - Facebook pranks

Hope you liked this.If you have any problems in posting this to your friends comment below.We are here to help you.

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  1. This is outdated .Admin please Share some useful content not like this.Every one knows this ghost Prank

  2. nice information...thanks for share your knowladge with us......awesome tricks