How to Share Files / Folders Using Google Drive - Cloud Storage

How to Share Files / Folders Using Google Drive - Cloud Storage

Posted by Ravindhar
Google Drive is the online file Storage service powered by Google.It provide users to store about 15 GB of files in cloud memory for free.It also provides additional storage from about 100 GB to 16 TB through monthly Subscription plans. Google Drive allows users to share their drive folders with their friends. To share files with your friends using Google Drive just follow the steps below.

Share Files Using Google Drive:

Upload Files to Google Drive :

  • Create Google Account if you don't have.
  • Log in to Google Drive Using Google Account.
  • In the Left panel you can see Create and upload symbol. ( Click on upload symbol)
Share FIles Using Google Drive-Click Upload symbol

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  • Choose File / Folder from the box depending on what you want to share.

Select File or Folder -Share FIles Using Google Drive

  • Upload the File from your computer.
  • Wait for the Upload to finish.
File Uploading status-Share FIles Using Google Drive

  • Once you are done you can access this file from any computer from google drive you can download and view.

To Share Files :

  • Right Click on the Folder you wish to share.
Right Click on Folder-Share FIles Using Google Drive

  • Select share form the opened menu.
Select share-Share FIles Using Google Drive

  • To share only with few friends type their email addresses below
Type email ids to send only to limited

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  • To Share with a large group : select Anyone with Link this makes any one to access these files who has the link.
Change your folder accessibility

  • To share over internet : Select Public so that every once can view the content.

In this way you can share your content with friends using Google Drive.
If you like it share with your friends. 

If you have any issues in using Google Drive comment below we are here to help you.....

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  1. I though Google Drive was only for saving files. Now I understood how it can be used for file sharing .Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you Ramesh for dropping your comment here. Follow this site for more useful info. Keep Visiting.