How to Enable 2 Step Verification for your G-Mail Account.

How to Enable 2 Step Verification for your G-Mail Account.

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2 Step verification - G Mail
Almost every one of us prefer G-mail rather than using yahoo or hot-mail.So protect your G-Mail account from being misused. Most of the hackers try to hack our mails and try to find out some personal info from  our mails (like  bank transactions etc. ) So we have to decrease the chances of them to access our mails. One of he best option if you are using G-Mail is by this 2 step verification.

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What is 2 Step Verification G-Mail :

So what is this 2 step verification provided by Google?? As the name it self suggests that you that it require 2 verification steps so have to provide 2 passwords to login to your account. First password is the normal password you use along with your mail id and the second is the mobile verification pass code. 

How to Use  :

First you need to enable 2 step verification for your account and then you need to use this feature.
Note: You should have your phone with you to access your account .
  • First type your mail id and password normally
  • Next it sends the verification code to your phone 
  • Type the code received on your mobile 
  • Access your account 
In this way only you can use your account and decrease the chances of  your mails seen by other.

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How to Enable 2 Step Verification :

To use this feature on your G-Mail just follow the following steps
  • Login to your G-Mail Account
  • Go to the right Top corner ( Where you use for signing out ) and click on Account
  • Next when  the  Accounts open on the left menu go to Security.
  • There you Can find 2 Step Verification Option Click Edit.
  • Then Start Setup.
  • Follow the steps asked by it and finally it can be enabled.

Thus you can secure your G-mail account. If you like please do share this on Social Media.

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