Google Tricks : Use Google In a Different Way ( Apart from Google Search )

Google Tricks : Use Google In a Different Way ( Apart from Google Search )

Posted by Ravindhar
Are you using Google only for searching web content ?? Do you know that it can be used as calculator, currency converter, To know time in any part of world, To know Flight status......?? Yes, you can use google differently apart from using it as a search engine. Google is the largest used search engine so most of us use it as a search engine read below and make the most out of it..
Use Google Differently - Apart from Seach

Here are the other ways Google can be Used apart from Searching :

1.To know Flight status :  

Use Google Differently - Flight Status

To know your flight status ( arrival and departure times ) just search your flight number and google shows you details of the flight such as expected arrival time, departure time ,gate and terminal details. so if you want to know the flight details just google the flight number.Here in image above I searched for MH198 ( flight number).

2. Google as calculator :

Use Google Differently - Calculator

Google can also be used to perform calculations.If you want to launch the google calculator just search for any calculation (say 44+33) or search calculator  and it ahows  the result and a calculator to perform other calculations. Using Google calculator you can also find trigonometric,logarithmic  and exponential calculations.

3.To Translate Words into Other Language :

Use Google Differently - Word Translator

To know what a word in English is called in German or any other language just google 'word in language' Here in Image I used 'Good Night In German ' So just Google the word you want to get translated in other language.

4. As Converter :

Use Google Differently - Converter

To convert any length /mass from one unit into other other unit google can be used.To do this just google the quantity and dimension and it shows table to what it should be converted ( say 5 feet).Using this table you can  convert any quantity into your desired units.

5. As  Dictionary :

Use Google Differently - Dictionary

When we find a difficult word we search for its meaning in dictionary. Without using a dictionary you can find its meaning directly by searching 'word meaning' in google (say ' Hello Meaning') . You can also know how it is pronounced by using the sound symbol beside the word when you click it google pronounces it for you.

6. As Currency Converter :

Use Google Differently - Currency Converter

The value of dollar exchange rate changes daily.To convert one currency into other currency with exact exchange rate at that time google can be used,To do this just Search ' $ ' and you can find the exchange table.Using this you can convert currency easily.

7. To Know time in any part of the World :

Use Google Differently - To Know time

To know time in other countries just google ' Time in Country '. Example: Time in India.

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  1. I thought it can only be used for searching.some of the things mentioned above I know but it is useful.Thanks for Sharing