Best Features of Android Kitkat 4.4 Version VS Jelly Bean

Best Features of Android Kitkat 4.4 Version VS Jelly Bean

Posted by Ravindhar
Are you Exited to know the new cool Features of Android 4.4 Kitkat?? Here we are posting best of them for you....

Google recently launched new version of Android that is Android KitKat. Many thought that the update might by named as Key lime Pie with version 5.0. As announced before a month by Google it will be named as Android KitKat with 4.4 Version.Google Nexus is now available running on the latest version of android.
Android KitKat 10 Best Features

There are many new features on the Official Android Website.The below listed are the best of them.

Here are the Best 10 Features :

1. For Low End Devices :

The main feature of android KitKat version is that it can work on Low End Devices which has at least a RAM of 512 MB. Which is a great news because as a newer version is released the minimum specifications also raise By requiring less memory KitKat can run on entry level-devices.

2. Full Screen Album Art  combined with controls :

In android older versions if you wish to skip a song you should unlock the device and then perform the action. Through Android KitKat you can directly access the play controls on the lock screen.

3. Ok Google :

Ok Google Screen
No need to swipe up for launching Google Search as in Jelly bean. When you are on home screen you can directly say Ok Google and it opens the search for you. Something similar to Google Glass. So your home screen will be active to listen your commands.

4. Transparent Status Bar :

No black strip behind the Back and Home Keys and even behind the status bar. In Android Kitkat version this new feature is enabled making the screen look large when compared to before.This makes the screen look even more big.  
Transparent Status Bar

5. Unlimited Home Screen Panels : 

Android Kitkat allows users to create as many home screen panels filled with shortcuts for apps and widgets. You can switch between them easily.

6. Know who is calling:

Google introduced new called ID in Kitkat Smart Dialer. When you search for a number it searches Google databases for people or business registered to that number and show the name and even photo in some cases.Even when you get a call from unknown number it tries to display the name.

7. Live Screen Recording : 

This version of Android helps to record the scree, A good news for tutorial makers who will love this feature.You can save the video as Mp4.

8. New Emojis in Google Keyboard :

Google added some cool new emotions in the Google Keyboard. This makes your conversation more interesting.

9. Save Battery with Hardware sensor batching: 

Nexus 5,the first device with Android 4.4 has the new feature to see which app is consuming more RAM and memory with some new features.You can minimize the usage and save Battery.

10. GO Full Screen :

You can use all games and apps in Full Screen mode,Kitkat keeps the UI hidden while you interact with content. To access Full screen you have to do a edge wipe from top or bottom of the Screen. 

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  1. ahahahh...nice version... can my 4.0 be updated to 4.3

    1. You can manually update to 4.3 It also depends on phone specifications.