Best Video Player For Android Free Download. Play HD Videos Also

Best Video Player For Android Free Download. Play HD Videos Also

Posted by Ravindhar
We often watch videos on our android devices with mostly the default video player given by the manufacturer. The provide only some features and here we posted the top 10 Best Video Players for Android to play HD content and support subtitles. And some of the below mentioned apps also consume less power and battery. Try these apps and select the best from these. You can download these apps for free from play store.
Best Video player For Android Free Download

#1 MX Player :

MX player

MX player is the best video player that plays almost every movie files. it supports .3gp .avi ,.divx .flv .mp4 .mov  and many more video formats. It has option to add subtitles and easy access of settings for brightness and volume control made it user friendly. it has ability to boost volume. the special features of MX player are adding desired codecs, subtitle text decoration, background play, previews while seeking and many more interesting features it has. MX player is available for free in Google Play store. It has also a pro version which is add free.

Download Links  :     MX Player Free         MX Player Pro

#2 Poweramp Player :

Power amp

It is not free app but if you like to spend some money then this will be the best app to buy. It the the most installed paid app on Google Play store. You can try its trial version for 15 days. Similar to MX player preferred plug ins or codecs can be installed and it supports almost all kind of video formats. The special features of  this app are lyrics support ,Including lyrics search via musicXmatch plug in , Download missing album art, replay again, configurable lock screen, dynamic queue and many more. The only thing about this app is that it has to be purchased.

Download Link :        Poweramp Full Version               Poweramp Trial Version 

#3 VPlayer  video player :


Vplayer is also one of the most downloaded video player on android market. It is HW accelerated media player for android. It can even play 720p and 1080p videos. Compared to other players it uses less battery.
It supports multi threading codecs. If you are using other unofficial custom ROMs after rooting then Vplayer is the best solution. It supports almost all formats of video formats and requires minimum android version 2.3 + to use it on your device. It supports latest android version 4.4.It is best preferred for dual core high end devices. It supports multiple subtitle tracks also in addition to the above mentioned features. You have to download codecs as per your requirements.

Download link :        VPlayer Video Player

#4 Mobo Video Player :

mobo Video Player

Mobo video Player supports all the most popular video formats without any conversion.It has a smart core technology auto detects the video format and makes it much easier for you to enjoy smoother,better quality videos. It supports subtitles and also has an option to hide your secret and personal videos.It supports flash videos also. Its Key features are play lists and continuous play,Multi-audio streams and multi subtitles videos and thumbnail display of videos.It is a free app and can be downloaded from play store.

Download Link :         Mobo Video Player

#5 BS Video Player :

BS Video Player

BS Player is a top hardware accelerated video Player for Android Smart phones and Tablet PCs. It is preferred for high end devices. It can support latest Android 4.4. It can also support almost all video files (audio and video) .It has Key features features like hardware accelerated video playback ( increases speed and decreases battery consumption) , Multiple audio streams and subtitles, Play list support , Find subtitles automatically through mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity . It has a pro version as well as a free version. If you are satisfied with free version then you can go for pro.

Download Link :          BS Video Player Free              BS Video Player Pro 

#6 VLC Video Player (Beta) :

VLC video Player

VLC Player is one of the best video player for PC.It also got an android version but it is still in beta. So if you want to take risk you can try this beta version of VLC video player. It can play most local video and audio files and network streams. It has media library for video and audio files. In addition to these it has support for multi track audio and subtitles,auto rotation,aspect ratio adjustments. It may not have good speed performance as it is the Beta version the Final version may be better then this. It has around 60k installs in Play store.

Download Link :    VLC player ( Beta )

#7 QQ Video Player :

QQ Video Player

Mobile QQ player is preferred for low end android smartphones excluding tablets. It supports all popular formats of videos and also sub titles SRT, SMI plug-in subtitle and MKV embedded subtitle. It has Multiple audo tracks switching. It requires android version 2.5 and above and has around 40k+ downloads from play store. If you are not interested in playing HD content then qq player must be your choice.

Download Link : QQ Player

#8 HD Video Player :

HD video Player

Watch HD content on your android device using this app It can handle all popular video and audio formats. you can also watch FLV and SWF flash video files without the flash player plugin. it saves your time and disk space to transcoding or converting video format. You can watch videos from SD card or click the URL in browser to watch. It also has the ability to support subtitles. It is also a free app.

Download Link :  HD Video player

#9 Video player :

If you wish to have a simple video player without any plug ins and codecs to be installed then Video Player must be your option. Video player is other highly efficient and convenient playback tool. Its Key features are automatic identification of all video files in phone and HD playback your video files.As all the other videos players it also has Pinch to zoom option and other similar functions.

Download Link :   Video Player

#10 Real Player :

Real Player is a well known app to PC users. Real player can play the Mp3 ans Mp4 videos. The key features of Real Player are online video searches YouTube Bing and other sites voice commands for search, Auto bookmarking videos, Play lists, Control Play back when phone is locked. You can unlock additional features like manual meta data editing, graphic equalizer with ability to save custom settings, and no advertisements through an in app upgrade.

Download link :             Real Player

These are the Best video players. You can try these and enjoy more watching videos.

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  1. Thank you . Love Watching videos on android. These video players for android are awesome..

  2. Very satisfied with RealPlayer. Real Networks recently launched the RealPlayer cloud for android as well..very impressed! Great new product. Check it out.. it may make RealPlayer climb on your list!!