How to Watch You Tube Videos - Not Available In your Country

How to Watch You Tube Videos - Not Available In your Country

Posted by varun vakkalanka
YouTube is the most popular video streaming site online with trillions of viewers from all over the planet visiting it for watching , uploading or sharing videos. YouTube has a very huge collection of videos of numerous categories and with almost 72 hours of video content uploaded every single minute YouTube is considered the best and no other streaming portal can challenge it in the near future.
You Tube Videos not available in your country Best way

YouTube is used very widely by almost 90% of the internet users and has users from all over the globe accessing it and some times we may not be able to watch every video on YouTube due to some reasons and one of the major reason which we frequently come across is This video is not available in your country 
In this post I'll help you overcome this problem easily

The main reason for this problem is not because of censorship but because the owners of the video may have restricted access to certain countries or geographical regions i.e., if your computer IP address comes outside the geographic region.

When such error message is displayed here's what you can do to watch the restricted video:

          Earlier to overcome this problem google translate was used as free Google proxy server in which the link is translated and used but google stopped translating urls with same original and translated language.

Alternatively you can also use other fake proxy generators and watch the video or you can even simply download the video using third party platforms and watch the video offline. You can add chrome extensions like Hola and other extensions to get other country proxy.

Best way to overcome the Video Not Available In Your Country error

  • Open the video in which the above error message is displayed
  • This step is very important , now in the URL replace "watch?v=" with "v/" and press enter.

Change the URL as shown

  • Now press enter , video will open in full screen and it will start playing without any problem
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  1. Thanks for sharing. Now I can play other country videos also on You Tube

  2. Every time I hate you Tube saying This content is not played in your country. Now I can play YouTube videos and movies with this simple trick. thank you very much :)