Top 10 Sites to Edit Photos Online For Free

Top 10 Sites to Edit Photos Online For Free

Posted by Ravindhar
We often edit our Photos and Images to add some extra effects and make them more attractive. This has become so common with more and more usage of social networking site where most of the photos posted are edited ones. If you wish to edit your photos without installing any photo editing softwares here are the best sites that make your job easy. These are the top 10 Best sites for editing your photos online for free. Using these websites and adding creative thoughts to it can make your photos look awesome.
Edit Photos Online

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Here is the List of the top 10 Free Editing Sites :

1. Pixlr :


It looks similar to photo shop with same look and almost same tools. You should upload the photo and make your changes and save back the photo to PC.

2. LunaPic :

Luna Pic

Luna Pic has more editing options and even you can make gifs to videos. it also has an option to add animation effects to your images.

3. Pic Monkey :

Pic Monkey

This is also the best site to edit photos but in addition to photos you can design your own photos for  yourFacebook Cover pages, Blog Headers and other sizes.

4. Befunky :

Be Funky

It is similar to Pic Monkey with some more added effects. But it is faster than picmonkey in updating the effects added.

5. Photo Shop online :

Here only Brightness sharpness and other colours can be added or edited but you can not add frames etc.
It s provided by Adobe. It is online and for free.

6. Image Chef :

This is another photo editing sites not that good as above sites but can be effective if you use it for creating funny frames and backgrounds.Can also be used to generate Facebook Memes

7. Fun Photo Box :

Add effects to your Photos. animations can also be done fore free.

8. Dumpr :

It can be used to add funny photo frames. Select the frame you want upload the photo and the effect gets added to it.

9. Sumo paint :

It also looks as photo shop. But you can not use all features It asks to buy the pro version. But the free effects are good and can be used to make images attractive.

10. Ipiccy :

Another free online Image editing site with good number of effects.You can use them for free on your uploaded photos. Doesn't take much time to add effects. It has got a number of frames and editing options.

Use these sites for editing your photos instead of the installed softwares. These can save time and also make the work simpler because of ready made effects.

Comment your favourite one among the above listed sites and share your view with us.

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  1. Thank you. You made my work simpler without need of downloading the editing softwares.