Download Flappy Bird for PC Windows XP, 7, 8 MAC Computer Free & Play Online

Download Flappy Bird for PC Windows XP, 7, 8 MAC Computer Free & Play Online

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Recently Flappy bird touched the peak of sensation in all the social networks and gaming forums. It was because the game hit the popularity rating to a great extent but suddenly got removed from the play store. You cannot download Flappy Bird on your Android mobile directly from the play store anymore and that is a sad news. The Good news is that you can download Flappy bird unofficially for you PC and Install it on your Android Game.

You can also play the Flappy Bird game on your PC using two ways. One is to use Bluestack emulator and play it on your Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or You can play it online on any Computer or laptops that is running on any operating system.

About Flappy Bird And What Made Flappy Bird Famous

This game made more than $50,000 everyday from the Ad revenue and was very addictive in gameplay. But still the the developer doesn't wants to keep this app on the store and he suddenly took down this game from the stores. The reason behind this remains suspicious but he stated recently that the Flappy Bird game was taken down the stores only for the goodness of people.

He mentioned that he had created this application for relaxation of time but he never thought that this game would make everyone addicted. Though there are more stories and rumors flowing through all the websites about this game , we will not conclude this topic here in this article.

Talking about the gameplay there is nothing much of the scenario , the task is to bypass a couple of pipes and managing the Flappy bird not to hit on the pipes. Each pipe you pass , you get a point and it doesn't have an end.

This mostly looks similar to the game "Mario" and the graphics even resembles the old 8-bit graphics of video games from 90's. This is the main reason why this game doesn't gets struck on any Android phone and user can play it without a glitch.

How to Play Flappy Bird Online :

You can play the online version of the online game from here.
Click the above link and you can play the game online free.

How o Download Flappy Bird to PC Windows XP,7 8 and MAC PC / Computer :

To play it on your windows PC you need to install Bluestacks. Bluestacks can emulate your Android game on your computer.
  1. Download the Bluestacks from
  2. Install it on your system and open it.
  3. For the first time it would ask your Google account information and so input the valid Google account information.
  4. Now download the apk file of the game from here and click on it to install the game.
  5. Go to the "My Apps" section on your Bluestacks and you can find the game under it.
  6. Just click on the game to play just like any other application.
You have successfully installed the Flappy Bird game on your PC for free and you have also learned how to play it online , then why are you waiting for ? Just play the game and get addicted to it now.


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