Subway Surfers Cheats, Tips And Tricks to Make High Scores

Subway Surfers Cheats, Tips And Tricks to Make High Scores

Posted by Ravindhar
Subway Surfers is one of the most popular and most played game on Smart phones. It is also the most downloaded game on Apple store and Google Play Store. Want to Make High scores on Subway Surfers?? Searching for Subway Surfers Tricks to compete with your friends?? Need Subway Surfers Cheats ?? Here are some tips for beginners to collect more money and unlock characters and also make high scores.
Subway Surfers Cheats

Follow these tips and tricks mentioned below to make unforgettable scores in Subway Surfers..To make high score you can follow two different methods. One is knowing about the Subway Surfers Cheats and tricks to play and other is simply Downloading the Unlimited Coins and Cracked Version which is posted below.

Subway Surfers Cheats Tips and Tricks to Make High Scores ( Method 1) :

To know the tricks to play more time and to avoid crash Follow these...

1. Know about the Power ups :

Powers are the main powers that helps to double the game score or help to increase the coins.Basically there are four power ups which will come randomly. Each power up has its own importance. So don't miss them.

X2 Multiplier :  Doubles the multiplier you have and helps to increase the score twice when you collect it.
Coin Magnet : Helps to collect all the coins. the coins come themselves and gets collected
Super Sneakers  : Helps to jump over Trains, High Jumps.
Jet Pack : Flies in air for a while and you will not get any trains just you need to collect coins.

2. Use Hover boats, Score Boosters, Power Starters :

Using these powers helps in making high scores. Use Hover boats wisely  like when you understood that you are going to die, just before crashing, When you have opportunity to make high scores.

3. Try to be on the Top :

Try to be on trains as much as possible because when you are down your chances of crashing are high. So if you are playing mostly on the trains your chances of making high scores are more.

4. Use these Moves :

Do you know you can also cancel your jump?? and also move in air?? Use this moves which can help you..
  • Jump & Right → Move to the right while in mid-air
  • Jump & Left → Move to the left while in mid-air 
  • Jump & Roll → Cancels your Jump then instantly goes into a Roll
  • Roll & Jump → Cancels your Roll then instantly goes into a Jump

Make High Scores with Cracked Version (Method 2) :

Subway Surfers Cheats Unlimited coins and KEys

If you want to have unlimited money and unlimited keys then Download the Cracked Version from here.

This Cracked version has its own restrictions that you can not share your High score on Facebook and also there will be no end to the game as there are unlimited keys you may get bored.

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  1. Can these cheat codes for Subway Surfers help in making high scores??

    1. Follow these tricks you can play more time and can make good scores.. if you are looking for something big then download unlimited coins and keys Subway surfers and you can make very high scores

  2. this file is apk file it doesnot open

    1. Transfer to your android phone and you can install apk files

  3. ravindhar bro can you please tell whats the way to download this cuz i still cant get through to it plz help me

    1. download from the link mentioned in the post Unlimited coins for Subway Surfers

  4. how this apk file works should we transfer into phone?

    1. Yes you should transfer the downloaded .apk file from computer to your phone