How to Download Torrents Direclty on Windows Phone 8.1 - Best Nokia Lumia Apps

How to Download Torrents Direclty on Windows Phone 8.1 - Best Nokia Lumia Apps

Posted by Ravindhar
We generally use torrent clients to Download large files to our PC. In fact, Downloading through torrents has increased significantly when compare with previous years. Generally torrents are the best sites to download free copy righted material and pirated movies and cracked games because these are not available for direct downloads.
Download Torrents to Windows Phone
Now can we download torrent files directly to the Windows Phone 8.1?? And what is the best Application to download torrents on Windows Phone ( Mostly, Nokia Lumia 520,620,720) ??? The answer is Yes. to know more about this read below..

How to Download Torrents In Windows Phone :

As I mentioned earlier that we can download torrents on Windows Smart phone. It is simple and just Follow the below procedure to do it.
The major Problem for Downloading Torrents on Windows Phone is that it does not allow background Download for Torrents.

Download Wp Torrent Free :

How to Download Torrents Directy

The Best App to download torrent files to windows mobile is wp Torrent. It is a native Bit Torrent Client for Windows Phone 8. It has a free version and also a paid version. The pro version or paid version supports Download preview and a download speed greater than 300 kbps which is maximum in the free version.

How to Download Torrents to Windows ( Nokia Lumia Phones )  :

Download Torrents to nokia Lumia

  • Now after you have Downloaded the app from Windows Store and Installed the app in you device you can start downloading.
  • Directly Search for files you wish to Download in the search bar 
  • Select a file you want form the given results, Generally prefer file with more number of seeders.
  • Now after choosing the File click to Download and the file Downloading starts automatically.
  • You can also set features like sequential download, pause, data limit , Deleting torrents from the settings menu. 
In this way you can download torrents directly to your Windows smart Phone. You can also prefer other apps to Download torrents but wp torrent is the most preferred one. You can share your best app to Download the torrents in the comments, Also share you views with us.


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