Facebook Made an Important Change to Its Logo.

Facebook Made an Important Change to Its Logo.

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Facebook Which is a Social network and this has changed its logo. According to Facebook, the company wanted to modernize the logo. This social network hasn't changed its logo since 2005, but after much thought decided it only needed an update. The logo was designed by Facebook's in house design team in collaboration with typographer Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry, a company that makes typefaces for engineer. The new logo was unrelieved in a tweet this week, and the change is so small, you probs missed it completely.

Facebook changes its logo:

The company was just getting started and we wanted the logo to feel grown up and to be taken seriously. In a report by log blog Brand New, Facebook Creative Director Josh Higgins said, "Now that we are established, we set out to modernize the logo to make it feel more friendly and approachable. 

So what does that mean? Basically, tech insiders are saying the changes they made to the logo make it more mobile-friendly, because the clean, crisp look works better on small screens. It makes sense seeing as most people use Facebook on their cell phones. While we explored many directions, ultimately we decided that we only needed an update, and not a full redesign."
Here we could try and explain the full Facebook logo is barely ever seen on the website or the app. since it's long been replaced by the small, square logo with just the "f". The new logo might have an impact in terms of design language, but nothing that a common man (or woman) can interpret. The new logo probs won't affect your Facebook experience. 

The before and after comparison of this logo by the own judgement It’s a logo change, a very simple one at that, for whatever reason. The main reason probably is because it goes better with the flatter material design look on mobile, but hey, no speculations. We could use the old and new logos interchangeably and you would most likely not notice, which by the way, is exactly what we did with the main image.


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