How To Use Smart Phone As Webcam | Android | Windows | Iphone.

How To Use Smart Phone As Webcam | Android | Windows | Iphone.

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Are you using a Smart Phone ? As we know that Smartphone's with decent camera can be found in every hand and now a days but do you know the other way of using Smart Phone. It is not just taking your selfies but you may also utilize your Smart Phone Camera as a webcam or any other external camera as security. Some people might not have come across this technique of their Smart Phones as external webcam.

Use Android, Windows, Iphone as Webcam :

Thinking to buy a new webcam for Skype and other video Chats or callings to speak with clients or family and webcam which an important one for speaking through video calling but to buy the new webcam if you afford no problem and if you can't then take look here that we are going to tell How to Use Smart Phone As Webcam. Now a Smartphone camera as webcam used to do better video calling to connect with friends, family and business purpose. Moreover this works great with the both Android and IOS operating platform Smartphone's. To know more about using of Smartphone as webcam is follows below:

How To Use Smart Phone As Webcam:

Do you think it's very hard and might wondering and there is no need of any skills and here we are going to show an quite simple way of putting your camera as an web cam with in a less time you can learn also.Don't worry you don't need any technical skills or any expert as well.

Using Android Smart Phone As Webcam :

As we know that there are special camera apps for Android phones such as IP Webcam which is really an useful app and it is preferred more because it has cross platform connectivity and compatibility mode. Below are the steps to follow:
How To Use Smart Phone As Webcam
  1. You need to make sure your Smart phone and PC are connected to the same Wifi connection network.
  2. The install IP Webcam app on your smart phone click here to install.
  3. As soon as IP Webcam installs app on your smart phone then open the app and scroll down to the bottom.
  4. Then you have to click on "Start Server" and woill open the camera.
  5. Next on your smart phone screen you will be observe an URL at the bottom of the page.
  6. After that you have to enter the same URL from mobile onto your PC browser and click on enter button.
  7. Now select the browser under video Render and HTML5 Wav from Audio player.
  8. Then your Webcam start will start working perfectly suing Android Phone camera.
  9. if you want record click on Red recording button and stop is present on top right of app

Using iphone and ipad as Webcam for Windows XP 7/8 and Mac:

As we know that ios device such as iphone and ipad are said to be having great camera definition pixels and they can also be used as to Record videos as Webcam by following the below steps. We will be using EpocCam app for IOS device which is free and easy to use for recording Videos.
How To Use Smart Phone As Webcam
  1. Connect IOS device like Iphone to your computer PC using same Wifi Network.
  2. Next you have to download EpocCam app your Iphone from here.
  3. Then you have download this app for your PC or Mac respectively.
  4. Next install EpocCam on both Iphone and computer with appropriate settings.
  5. Now run the app from Iphone and now you can see live video on our PC as well.
  6. As this is free version, so recording feature is not available but i would advice you to use another recording software on PC for recording purpose.
Thanks for reading the post and the above discussed is about How to Use Smart Phone as WebCam? It is how may also utilize your Smart Phone Camera as a webcam or any other external camera as security. If like this post please share with your friends.


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