Best Earthquake Alerts App For Android And ios Users.

Best Earthquake Alerts App For Android And ios Users.

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Earthquake Alert App For Android,ios: However, an early alert about these natural calamities can rescue hundreds of lives. Here, your smartphone comes really handy. Google Play store already features hundreds of apps that can notify you about earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 and above from across the world. 

For Android smartphones, Earthquake Alert has a slightly better user interface than Earthquake. When you touch a recent earthquake from the list, a set of buttons come up, allowing you to see it on a map, view the details, share it, or go to the USGS Web site.

An earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck Nepal, and East and North India on 25 April. The Earthquake damaged several houses and marketplaces in Nepal. The death toll in Nepal has already crossed 150 and the figure is likely to rise. According to latest reports, the earthquake has claimed at least 8 lives in India.
Best Earthquake Alerts App For Android , ios User

The past few years have seen many natural disasters striking highly populated regions around the world. Social media played a major role as well, as news spread over Twitter and Facebook. Technology over the years has improved and there’s particularly high level of interest when it comes to earthquakes and tsunami warning systems. Sensors and control centres have been setup all around the world that monitor seismic activity around the world. They communicate each other and fortunately, all this information is made public.

Best Android App For Getting Earthquake Attacks:

Have you ever felt something and asked yourself, "Was that an earthquake?" If you live in an area with known fault lines, you're probably already aware of the United States Geological Survey's (USGS) earthquake Web site, If you have an Android device, you can track earthquakes easily with a couple of simple apps.

1. Earthquake Alert App(android):

We use an app named as Earthquake Alert. This can see magnitude 1.0+ from the US and magnitude 4.5+ from across the world. The app has already been downloaded 1 million times and has an average rating of 4.3.

The most popular seismic activity monitoring app on the Android Play store is called Earthquake Alert! This app weighs well under a megabyte, so it’s lightweight and takes close to no space on your device. Earthquake Alert! has an ad banner that’s visible at the bottom on one of the three tabs in this app – the news feed. The first tab displays all recent earthquakes and tremors while the second shows the map with all the points of activity on the map. Powerful earthquakes and tremors are marked in red while smaller ones are marked in green. 

According to the researchers, Smartphones can use the GPS receivers and accelerometer to sense the motion. Both the sensors can be found in most of the smartphones, including the budget ones.

2. Earthquake Notify:

This app which makes you may grab from receiving the earth quake notifications around you just you need to line the magnitude after which it can easily commence receiving the alerts of the set country. Moreover it give you the latest quakes of the world and it gives that you map which allow you to check for the magnitude of the quake.

3.Yurekuru call(ios):

Apple iOS users needn’t cry foul, there are a bunch of paid apps for earthquake alerts and there are also free ones. Yurekuru call is one such call. It is an app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices. The app gives warnings and alerts with details such as the intensity, time and the epicentre of the quake. Maps and detailed views with information including the depth of the epic-entre is also provided. The interesting feature of the app is that it also informs the user in advance when a earthquake is to hit.

4. Quakes - Earthquake Notification(ios):

Quakes – Earthquake Notifications is similar to Yurekuru call in some ways but it’s more interactive and better to look at. There’s more to it than just the interface. There’s a timeline that’s visible on the top of the screen along with the intensity of the quake. The locations marked on the map also give you an idea of how far you are from the epicenter.

   According to the researchers, Smartphones can use the GPS receivers and accelerometer to sense the motion. Both the sensors can be found in most of the smartphones, including the budget ones.Thanks for reading the post and hope if you like it please share with your friends.


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