Top 7 Best Technology Tools Every Educator Should Use - Digital Learning

Top 7 Best Technology Tools Every Educator Should Use - Digital Learning

Posted by Ravindhar
The twenty-first century is a magnificent period to be alive. Various technologies captured almost every aspect of our lives. Sadly, many schools avoid using technology tools in the educational process. Clumsy old video and audio systems are usually the best devices schools have to offer. Lessons they have been used for are dull. Most students have endless access to the latest resources. They compare and understand that something is not right. Successful education is supposed to be innovative and interesting. Use of technology in teaching and learning has positive influences on productivity and overall involvement in the process. If you want to be progressive and enlightening, make a habit of teaching with technology. We have created a short list of useful tools. Get inspired and get to work.

Google For Education :

This is a new project by a worldwide known giant. Google offers its best known free web applications lik Gmail,Hangouts,Calendar,Drive,Docs,Sheets,Slides,Groups,Play,News and Sites.

Each and every of the listed above apps can be used in your classroom. Google Slides is used for presentation purposes, Google Docs is a word processor, and Google Sheets is a spreadsheet. You can use them easily during lessons. Google Play is highly effective digital distribution service. You can find numerous books and educational apps appropriate for different lessons. Being such a great player on the technology market, Google steadily invests in education. Whether by scholarships and grants or by technologies created to educate.

2.Wikispaces Classroom or Campus.

Depending on who you teach, Wikispaces provides you with a great environment for organizing, collaborative writing, social discussions, and progress monitoring. Students have access to information and teacher in a form of social media. Wikispaces Classroom is intended for school teaching and it is free, and Wikispaces Campus created for higher education has a 30-day free trial period. Teaching can be difficult but technologies can help. You can even buy essays written by writers to help you with your workflow.

TED-Ed is one of the most amazing educational platforms today. Their slogan is “Lessons Worth Sharing.” The lessons are created around famous TED Talks. There are more than 200,000 lessons which inspire and educate. They also answer numerous questions the most curious minds can come up with. You can build your lessons with the help of video lessons on TED-Ed. You can also create a new lesson for TED-Ed or make students do one as a project. TED-Ed is widely known around the world. Its tremendous reputation, as well as great materials, can make a change during your lesson.


Planboard is a great application created to make your planning process easier. As an educator, you need to manage your time wisely. This tool helps you to do just that. You can have it on any device and plan your lessons on the go. This secures your mobility. It also allows you to add attachments and various visual aids (photos, videos). The templates 8Planb3oard provides are efficient and easy to use. Markboard, from the same vendor, is quite effective too. Its main goal is a progress control. You can give, grade, discuss assessments and provide feedbacks on them. You can generate reports on class or separate students via this tool.


Quizlet combines various online learning tools for students. Students can find games, flashcards, and audio materials on various subjects. They can even find educational sets on topics of their interest. They can even create sets themselves in order to help their fellow students. As a teacher, you can use classroom online games to help your students understand a topic better. This would also help develop their soft and hard skills.


It is one of the best known in the world platform of online courses. The variety of courses is unbelievable. You can learn anything. This is also a set of online educational technology tools. Every teacher can monitor the progress of his or hers student from kinder garden to higher education. KHANACEDEMY offers over 100,000 interactive exercises and numerous resources personalised for each and every student.


OpenStudy has one of the many great tools for students. This friendly community focuses on making learning fun. The idea is similar to a study group where students help each other with learning. The great thing about this tool is that it is web-based. You can find a friend to help in the furthest or the closest part of the world.  


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