Top 5 best videogames to play with your groupmates

Top 5 best videogames to play with your groupmates

Posted by Ravindhar
Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Have you already made friends with your group mates, or you're a freshman and don't know anyone well enough? In any case, it will be great for you to play video games with your group mates together. If you are an extrovert, you will add one more kind of interaction to your relationship with friends, a really captivating one! Else wise, you can become a part of the company without the awkward moment of choosing the topic, starting a conversation and deciding how to spend time together and how to get to know each other better. You bet, you'll go through wonderful adventures together! You can play anytime, anywhere: on the smartphone, on PC, Mac or console – no limits today. If you are a conceptual single-player, or just want to spend some time in private - discover great indie games for lonely wolves! And if you are looking for games to play with friends — here are some ideas!

So, ask your mates what are their favourite fun group games and, for sure, they will name one of the five listed below! The battles and contests, the growth and glory are waiting! And don't let the homework spoil your time with group mates! You can make progress both in the real world of study and game dimension with college essay writing help


Surely, you're already playing it. Surely, you have seen tons of fun art, and maybe even created your own. Together with your group mates you will become brightest characters. Once they found a way to the peaceful future on the mad planet, nearly destroyed by the war. Now the new danger is coming, so the heroes are here to help – merry and cruel, beautiful and funny, people and robots.

Team Fortress 2

On August, 24 this year Team Fortress celebrated its 20th birthday. The players still remember great specials like birthday cakes or funny screams of rejoice. Brilliant cartoon-like design and caricature characters make the Team Fortress 2 really deserving the awards for best online multiplayer games. And it did won some awards. The intriguing feature is the chance for new players to obtain weapons and abilities on a random basis. To get it for sure, do special tasks and unlock corresponding achievements. And don’t forget the interesting profound plot.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is one of best free multiplayer games, available for Android. You can enjoy this arcade game everywhere, with fastest cars, familiar and new ones, just choose what to drive - Ferrari (up to FXX), Lamborgini or Pagani Zonda. This is the opportunity to meet the rivals from your group and from all over the world online. The tracks in various corners of the planet, with exotic landscapes from Venice to Nevada, make you see colourful dreams and feel like you've been there indeed!


Maybe, you are playing in the University football team or just dreaming of it. You can create your own team with FIFA football simulator, enjoying true-to-life atmosphere. It is fun not only to play but also to watch, and this is a really cool idea as a kind of party games with your group mates. You just have to find out, who has a console, free flat and the biggest screen. And then organise a party with a tournament for football fans and their friends.

Dota 2

This is no more just one of the multiplayer games. It is a lifestyle. We've got millions of players and world tournaments in Dota. Careful! You might just fall in love with it and get addicted! Become one of five members of two rival teams and win a victory in the battle. The main task is to destroy enemy's base. The variety of the heroes for free allows everyone to pick up what is best for him or her. By the way, the teamwork is exceptionally important here, so team up with only the best friends among your group mates.

Hope you have liked the best 5 video games.If we have missed any best game or if you know any better game then please comment the game below.


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